Who doesn’t like an extended outdoor set-up where you can hang out with family and friends, breathe some fresh air, and enjoy quality time?

Outdoor living space is one of the hottest trends these days. It doesn’t matter if you own a huge mansion or a small house, you can make your outdoor space more inviting. Stylish gardens, vintage patio furniture, jazzy poolside, string lights all over – the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your extended living space.

Here, we are sharing some cool ways by which you can turn your outdoor space into an oasis.

#1. Add A Beautiful Shelter 

First, provide a temporary roof or shelter if your patio or backyard doesn’t have that already. You could have stylish sheets, canopies, a gazebo, pergola, or even a vibrant patio umbrella. You can choose anything depending upon your budget, just make sure it’s in tune with the look and color of your home.

#2. Drop Some Aesthetic Curtains 

Yep, you read that right. Curtains can be aesthetic too! They will not only add a breezy effect to the place but also provide privacy. You can use different types of curtains such as frill curtains, super net curtains, lacy curtains, etc.

#3. Add Some Privacy

Privacy is very important, especially if you don’t reside in a single-family home. You will need to create privacy if you don’t want others to peek into your space and make you feel uncomfortable. You can do this by adding temporary walls, partitioning sheets, fences, and even shrubs and trees. You can basically use anything that gives you a cozy and comfortable environment.

#4. Add Plenty of Lights

This is by far the best way to make any place look inviting! Even if you don’t want to do anything major, simply adding some fancy string lights to a space will make it beautiful and bright. You can install them anywhere you please, such as on trees, planters, curtains, canopy and even on the furniture. One great option is to use ColorBit permanent LED lights. They are available in different lengths, and even better – you can control the animations and colors right from your smartphone! Also, they’re highly affordable and hassle-free since you can leave them up all year long.

#5. Keep Some Cool Furniture 

Because you will be spending a lot of time in your newly inviting outdoor space, it will be especially important to have comfortable seating arrangements. For that, you can buy some vintage furniture or any furniture of your choice. Throw some soft cushions and you’re all set. If you don’t want to invest in furniture, you can add colorful rugs, carpets, mattresses, and plenty of throws.

#6. The Greener the Better

Needless to say, plants can change the whole mood of a place. Especially in the outdoors, greenery is a must. Add different types of potted plants to your outdoor space. If you’re looking for a low maintenance yet stunning plant, you should try succulents! They are so portable, versatile, and will definitely provide enough ambiance.

#7. Fit in a Dining Space

Nothing feels better than having breakfast or dinner in the fresh air or under twinkling stars. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. So, if your outdoor space allows, set up a dining area. You can include some medium-sized furniture or coffee tables, whichever suits you. Get creative with it! Keep the set up simple yet elegant.

#8. Jazz Up the Pool Area

Whether your pool is small or large, you can style it to have that resort-like vibe at your own home. Keep some loungers with some boho towels, and that’s it! You can soak in the sun during the day and have a few drinks under the starry sky at night. To make it look more glamorous at night, you can try ColorBit‘s lighting kit to highlight it. It can be your own private glampsite!

#9. Illuminate the Area with Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns look lovely in backyards and patios. They can make your outdoor setup shine. Just add a couple of them over your dining table, or simply at a corner!

#10. Keep A Rustic Shelf

If you think shelves are not to be kept outdoors, you’re probably wrong! Try putting up some vintage or rustic shelves by painting them a bright color. You could also get a shelving unit to house your outdoor party essentials like guitars, music systems, speakers, etc. You can use it in whichever way makes your life easier.

#11. Put a Graphic Side Table

A patterned side table or even a stool will give an edgy look. You can use these to keep your essentials nearby and double them as extra seating too.

#12. Make A DIY Green Wall

DIY green walls are truly a work of art, and it can easily be the center of attention in your outdoor space. All you need to do is set up some flat-backed planters using some hooks or pins. Now, add any type of plants, flowers, shrubs or even herbs. It is also a great way to hide the flaws of a wall without having to renovate it. To make it come even more alive at night, you can line the wall with ColorBit LED lights!

#13. Throw Some Giant and Fluffy Cushions 

Don’t shy away from keeping a lot of bouncy and colorful outdoor cushions. They will provide extra comfort and turn boring, often hard, furniture into an interesting and plush piece. You can also create a cozy boho themed corner by placing some vibrant and tribal printed cushions on a fluffy rug.

#14. Decide A Theme for Your Patio

A simple tip to help style your patio is to select a theme and work everything accordingly. It will be a lot easier to add things according to a theme rather than piling in random stuff and hoping it works together.

#15. Extend the Usable Space Using Pavers

If you’re in need of a larger area to have the patio set up of your dreams, don’t be afraid just lay down some pavers to the existing one to increase the living space. These natural tiles will hold up through any weather and look great outside. You can either cover it with some rugs or keep it bare.

#16. Organize Outdoor Movie Nights

Convert your patio into an outdoor theater and invite your friends over for a movie night. All you need is a projector, a movie, and something to hang a white sheet or curtain from! Add some cozy throws, cushions, and pillows and light up some ColorBit LED lights around it to set the mood.

#17. Re-Use Your Old Garden Bench

Who would have thought that old garden bench could be used to actually add style to your backyard? You can paint a beautiful mural on it, or even just paint it with some happy colors like yellow or blue and use it as a multi-purpose workstation. Keep some cute little potted plants on the top and organize your drinks and foods.

#18. Put A Giant Cozy Couch or Sofa

Since everyone loves a good outdoor setup, there’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of guests over all the time! Therefore, you’re going to need a large and comfy seating area. You can get yourself an XL outdoor sofa or a couch to have something to seat guests on or sprawl out yourself. Decorate it using colorful cushions, pillows, or throws. This can be your new favorite spot for some R&R.

#19. Enjoy an Outdoor Bar

This will be another hit at your next outdoor get-together. You can either convert a window into a bar or can simply add a wheeled cart with all the essentials like cups, drinks, ice buckets, and snacks. Another easy thing you can do, simply organize a nice table in the corner with all the bar essentials.

#20. Host a DJ Night 

If you’re more of a party animal than a movie buff, then this idea is perfect for you. Just decorate your deck using ColorBit LED lights and animate the colors and patterns to fit the music! Set up a music system and dance the night away on your very own disco-deck!

#21. Build Your Own Fire Pit

If you love s’ mores, grilled pineapples, and other barbecued dishes, then a fire pit is a must. The good news is you can do it in just 30 minutes using a few supplies. Building a fire pit using curved paving stone is as easy as wanting more s’ mores!

#22. Bonfire for Camping Set-up

If you’re in the mood for some camping vibes within the comfort and luxury of your own backyard, then create your own little camp by building a bonfire. All you need to do is to build a wooden border and then add some gravel into it, set up a few chairs and you’re good to go. Grab a guitar, tell spooky stories, and laugh with your friends – time will fly right on by!

#23. Convert Your Deck into Your New Living Room

Especially if you have a large deck, organize it in the same way you would organize your indoor living room. Section it for different purposes like dining, lounging, etc. Add some waterproof rugs, some planters, a few candles, and that’s it!

#24. Decorate Your Plants with String Lights

As we already mentioned, lights make a world of difference to the place. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of trees and bushes in your garden, then hang some lights over it. It will add up as an inexpensive chandelier. And you know where to go for lights – ColorBit!

There you have it, folks!

These are some of the best ways you can easily uplift the vibe of your outdoor area, and make it feel more inviting. Even if you don’t want to do too much or don’t have enough time to style your area, just hanging some beautiful lights is enough to elevate any space to oasis status.