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Natural Swimming Pools: 3 Big Ways to Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly

Are you interested in building an eco-friendly pool at your home?

There are over 10.4 million swimming pools at homes in the United States. Despite the popularity of pools, they aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when someone is building a “green” home.

While the idea of creating an eco-friendly pool may seem intimidating at first, taking time to consider your goals and how to accomplish them will help you to make the best decisions.

Three great ways to build natural swimming pools!

Install a Solar Power Heating System

A solar power heating system is popular for swimming pools that are eco-friendly.

These systems use the sun’s rays to heat your pool. This helps you avoid the costs of paying for a water heater or choosing to avoid the pool altogether because it’s too cold.

Instead of a water heater, solar collectors are installed on the roof of your home. These collectors are where water flows through and stays while it is heated by the sun during the daytime. 

Once this water is heated to the appropriate temperature, it flows back into your pool, where it replaces cooler water. This process is repeated so that the temperature of your pool is warm enough for your setting.

solar water heater for pool systems helps you avoid paying increased energy costs that come with traditional water heaters.

Use Green Cleaners

Using green cleaners is an effective way to help you make your pool a more safe and clean one. 

The most traditional way to keep your pool’s water clean is to use chlorine.

Although chlorine is a popular cleaner, it is a chemical that can cause an adverse impact on your skin and eyes. For example, opening your eyes in chlorinated water can cause you to have a cloudy vision and damage your retina over time. 

Choosing to use cleaners like bromine or polyhexamethylene biguanide  (PHMB) is safer for you and your family.

Bromine is a chemical that kills germs and bacteria but is safer than chlorine to your eyes and skin. Unlike chlorine, PHMB does not have a lingering smell and does not cause damage to skin and bathing suits.

Consider a Pool Cover

A pool cover is an underrated way for you to improve the quality of your pool water while decreasing the costs to operate your system.

Besides helping to keep your pool clean from debris, a cover protects your pool’s water from the sun.

By keeping your pool covered, you will avoid water evaporating as it heats up because of the sun. This will help you to avoid a more expensive bill when you need to re-fill your pool with water.

Wrapping Up: Build The Best Natural Swimming Pools

The best natural swimming pools use a combination of green cleaners and natural heating systems.

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